就寝する前に一局、23:45JST 9425KHzで、 AIR National Channel  Hindi を聞いてみました。SINPO;34333 時折空電が気になりますが・・・・。

なんだか、アンテナカップラーの中国版の様だ・・・・・。 じっくり読んでいないが、購入しようと思えば何とかなりそう・・・。興味のある方は手に入れてみたら如何ですか。


Taiwan also did a decade, off-the-shelf:
BCL-02A portable active short-wave antenna (rod / long-term partner / FM receiver summary)

BCL-02A is a new type of short-wave antenna tuner active, not only to strengthen the common short-wave radio reception, but also can receive local and professional connections in order to improve its reception performance. 
BCL-02A for the radio lovers, outdoor enthusiasts to listen to the design, it not only has a small and light features, and more importantly, the active amplifier with three different forms of antenna connected oscillator (long-term, And the rod ring oscillator) to facilitate the reception of different situations.  The antenna of the ring oscillator with a high Q value, you can maximize industries to reduce local interference.  In addition, BCL-02A Yung-tune the tuner to your receiver or radio to provide better selectivity. 

Frequency: 3.5MHz-26MHz (in accordance with the antenna of the oscillator, a little different)
Output impedance: 400 work in Europe: current-tuning to enlarge: less than 20mA
Base size: 12 cm long, 5 centimeters wide, 3 cm high perimeter ring: 300 cm rechargeable battery: 700mAH
Charge voltage: 9V (or 8.4 standard 9V lithium power charger)
Charge time: about 8 hours of continuous work: 30 hours 

Host × 1
Ring oscillator × 1
Rod antenna × 1
Cable × 2 (ring oscillator - the host, the host - the radio)
Connection to × 1

Local 2 may have the following options:
1. BCL-02A standard equipment host ring oscillator + + + rod linking the two lines (Q9-3.5 and 3.5 to BCL2000/3000)
A total of more than 160 yuan Shin-yuan Express +15 = 175
2.2. BCL-02A + standard equipment restructuring charger host ring oscillator + + + rod linking the two lines (Q9-3.5 and 3.5 to BCL2000/3000) + charger restructuring a total of more than 160 yuan +15 Shen Yuan-Yuan Express +10 = 185 yuan

Remote areas if the postal needs of EMS, please contact in advance, the total cost of the other!
Agricultural Bank: 95599 8006 18123 67318 
Bank: Agricultural Bank of China branches in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, East Gate Branch name: Li Jiaming ICBC: 6222 0214 0200 0482 775
Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branches in Fuzhou, Fujian Province Branch Bridge name: Li Jiaming China Merchants Bank: 6225 8859 1477 7537
Bank: China Merchants Bank branch in Fuzhou, Fujian Province Branch name: Li Jiaming Construction Bank: 4367 4218 2002 1100 368
Name: Li Jiaming

Phone: 13959119497

When playing paragraph, please leave a little odd to facilitate confirmation! 
Three days later, after the section to the ship (a busy end of the year), after the transfer please send your contact details of forum messages informed me that in order to timely delivery to you, thank you 

The antenna and BCL-01A than the advantages and disadvantages of each, 01A higher than the outstanding paragraph, 02A lower is better, but at the same time the use of three different antenna oscillator, so that if both are more perfect, and at the same time Section 02A of the high-speaking radio (with radio proximity switch), gain sufficient.




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