British DX Club'sからThe B08 (Winter 2008-2009) edition now available.

Broadcasts in English is compiled by BDXC's Dave Kenny and includes details of all known international broadcasts in English on shortwave and mediumwave for the current schedule period, as well selected domestic English-language broadcasts on short wave.
The 32-page booklet is in time order throughout and covers all target areas worldwide. Transmitter sites are included where possible along with schedules for DX and Media Programmes, Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) services in English and World Radio Network European services in English. This edition also includes a new hour-by-hour guide to external services in English which are available online.

Getting a Copy
Broadcasts in English is sent free to all members of the British DX Club. Copies are also available to non-members at the following prices (postage included):

If you would like an electronic copy in pdf format rather than the printed copy this is available on request. Prices as per the Europe rates below. The document will be sent to you via e-mail.

United Kingdom - £2.50 (UK Pounds)
Europe Airmail - 6 International Reply Coupons; 5 Euros (cash/Paypal), $6 (US Dollars-cash/Paypal) or £3.00 (UK Pounds).
Rest of World Airmail - 7 International Reply Coupons, $7 (US Dollars-cash/Paypal) or £ 4 (UK Pounds).
How to Pay
UK Cheque / UK postal order payable to "British DX Club"
International Reply Coupons
Cash in $US, Euros or other major currencies (but no foreign coins or foreign cheques please)
Paypal payments to: bdxc[at]bdxc.org.uk **.
Orders by post to: British DX Club, 10 Hemdean Hill, Caversham, READING, RG4 7SB, UK

E-mail enquiries to: bdxc[at]bdxc.org.uk **

** When sending an email [at] should be replaced with the @ symbol. Email addresses are shown this way on our web site to deter spam.

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Monitoring Log
【1/17 22:00-22:30JST】
6075 DEUTSCHE WELLE German 34333
6130 DEUTSCHE WELLE Chinese 33322
9650 DEUTSCHE WELLE Chinese 22322
11945 DEUTSCHE WELLE Chinese 34333
13735 DEUTSCHE WELLE Chinese 24232

【1/18 11:30-12:00JST】
15640 DEUTSCHE WELLE Russian 23222
15690 R.FARDA Persian 24222
15590 R.LIBERTY Uzbek 24222
17710 BBC Hindi 23322
17760 BBC Dari 23322
17780 VOICE OF AMERICA Burmese 24222

【1/18 12:00-12:30JST】
21725 R.AUSTRALIA English 34333
21570 VOICE OF AMERICA Tibetan 44333
21540 R.FREE ASIA  Chinese 44433
17880 R.FREE ASIA Chinese 43333
17645 KSDA-AWR GUAM  Russian 34433
17615 R.FREE ASIA Chinese 33323
15320 R.TAIWAN INT.  English 33323
15325 R.JAPAN Japanese 34333
15335 R.FREE AFGHANISTAN Pashto 24222
15275 R.THAILAND  Thai 34433
15285 R.PILIPINAS English 32322

【1/18 13:30-14:00JST】
13362 AFN LOS ANGELES English 34433(USB)
13630 CVC INTERNATIONAL Hindi 23222
13690 R.AUSTRALIA English 44333
15075 ALL INDIA RADIO Hindi 23222
15185 ALL INDIA RADIO Hindi 24222
15250 CVC INTERNATIONAL Chinese 33323
15270 R.TAIWAN INT. Chinese 34433
15290 R.TAIWAN INT. Chinese  33433

【1/18 16:00-16:30JST】
15460 R.Slovakia Int English 34333

【1/18 17:50-18:00JST】
12020 R.Portugal Int Portuguese 34433

【1/18 19:30-20:00JST】
12065 R.NEDERLAND English 45444
12010 DEUTSCHE WELLE Chinese 34333
9765 R.NEW ZEALAND INT. English 45444 


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