どうも今一の様な感じで、しっくりきません。S-2000以外は合わないんでしょうか??? 格好はLOOPらしい風格で、いかにも!!って感じだけど、実際に使ってみると分かるが、あれって感じ・・・  価格もそんなに高くないので、こんな物かな??それともおやじの使い方が悪いのか??悩ましい。 S-2000と同じ様に使っていくうちに分かってくるかも。

SM100 - Signal Magnet Noise Reduction Kit
Only: $89.95
Pull In That Station Right Out Of The Noise!

Outstanding results from 500 KHz to 15 MHz
High-Q Ferrite Rod antenna with Faraday shield eliminates noise from power lines, light dimmers, most static crashes, and more!
This antenna responds only to the magnetic field of the desired station and ignores the electrostatic field where most interference is found. It does a remarkable job pulling in stations lost down in the noise of powerline crud, fluorescent lamp buzz and light dimmer hash. Plus it's very directional, able to null strong stations on the same or nearby frequencies! We developed this antenna to pull in WGR, a 250 watt nighttime station 75 miles away, so we could listen to Buffalo Bills talk radio during the night. You can imagine all the powerline and equipment noise we have here at the factory. So, we came up with this ferrite rod, varactor tuned active antenna that's Faraday shielded - it only responds to the magnetic field - and boy does it do the job!

Designed to cover the AM broadcast band, but includes details on building for any frequency range up to 15 MHz; it works gang-busters on Shortwave. Works indoors or out, contained in rugged PVC pipe with a single RG-59 coax cable connector. Operates with up to 500 feet of coax cable (you supply) between antenna assembly and control box (size: 5" x 5 1/4" x 11/2"). Includes all parts, matching case set and precut PVC materials. Operates on external 120 VAC power adapter that is included. Antenna is 9 1/2" x 9" long, L-Shaped 1" pvc pipe with end caps. (It worked just great to listen to the Bills players explain for 4 straight years why they lost the Super Bowl!)


T007, Outdoor Wide-range Receiving Antenna

General Feature:
Include outdoor receiving antenna and indoor control system
Indoor control outdoor antenna rotation
1:1 control the direction and instructions
Built in amplifier provides up to 28dB of gain (FM without amplifier)
Fully-brushed aluminum components
Just a 12 meters special cable connection between Indoor and outdoor components

Model: T007, Ourdoor Wide-range Receiving Antenna
Style: Loop AM Antenna, HB9CV FM Antenna.
Frequency range:                    
MW - 500K~1650K
SW1 - 1.6M~6M
SW2 - 4.5M~13M
SW3 - 12M~20M
FM - 76M~108M
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Connector: BNC
Power Supply: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz. (Manual switch inside)
Ambient Temperature: -40oC ~ +80oC
Weight: Approx.6.5Kg within accessories

Indoor Control Component
Ourdoor Receiving Antenna Component
T007C, 12 Meters Special Cable
1.8 Meters RG58A/U(BNC Connectors)
1.5 Meters Power Line
BNC to all Adapter, 6 pcs
Quick Start Guide

Optional Items:
T007B, Outdoor Antenna Holder
T007C, 12 Meters Special Cable

T007B, Outdoor Antenna Holder (Optional)

Optional accessories of T007 Antenna.
Fully-brushed aluminum shell
Can be installed vertical ( installed on the roof ), or horizontal ( Installed on the external wall )
Including a M8*70 stainless steel Screw, and a aluminum block can rotate 90o degrees

Figure in the circular base is not one of T007B's Accessories, is contained in T007 package

T007C, 12 meters special cable
12 meters special cable
Environmentally friendly materials
Built-in 50 Ohms RF coaxial cable, and 10 core signal cables
A male plug and a female plug at both ends of cable, multi cable can be connected simply


中国のHPに、このT007 Outdoor Wide-range Receiving Antennaの使用感が載っています。中国語ですが・・・・ http://2883752.blog.163.com/blog/static/3015747920085232315730/ 

【3/7 21:00-21:30JST】
5755 WEWN English 33222
5765 AFN LOS ANGELES English 34343
5770 Myanmar Defence Forces Burmese 33222
5900 IBRA RADIO True Light Chinese 44434
5995 FAMILY RADIO Chinese 45444
7165 FAMILY RADIO Chinese 44333




Radio Slovakia International(1)
Radio Nederland(2)
All India Radio(1)
Radio Taiwan International(1)
Radio Romania(1)
Deutsche Welle(1)
Radio Thailand(1)   合計9通を書き上げ予定・・・・。 


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